Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Indian Train Groping Videos Are Indian Men Perverts In General?

Are indian men perverts in general? - indian train groping videos

I married a man from India, which has gone outside and looked respectable, but he was dependent on pornography, incapable of intimacy with a real good woman, a pathological liar and a narcissist.

India, groping, ogling women, wolf-whistling on the streets, buses and trains is very common. It is not safe for a woman to go out at night without a male.

why these same people talk about "respecting women" and "family values"? Is not this hypocrisy, if shares are not related to the words.

and accuse me of "generalization" - when something happens not just once or twice, but repeatedly to the people the benefit of the doubt again and again does not have an open mind, buttion in denial.

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